Buy One Child A Meal Today

$ 1 USD

You know that pain you get in your midrift when you see someone suffering. Well for one dollar you can relieve that pain and gain the joy that you could feed at least one very hungry child over in South Africa right now.

The campaign above is designed to assist the  setting up a regular feeding program for the Lavender Hill Feeding Scheme as well as to help the team in applying their strategy in complimenting other teams in nearby areas to follow suit in their endeavor. 

interCare Non-Profit Organization is aimed at bringing all the feeding schemes together.

There are systems are in place, but they are in dire need of assistance to be able to feed these children more than once a week. It is disgusting that people do actually say thank you for the food and then without a thought demolish what is on their plate without regard to waste or the next individual who is in pain from hunger.

There will come a time when, by the sheer determination of each individual, the world will frown upon the fact that there is any hunger at all. It was never meant to be.

The bounty was meant to be abundant to the needs of man.

There is more evidence of who we are and what we do, in form of a video, and a non-profit organization certificate, for the "still not convinced", on the About page.

This is still a trial site that we are working on because we are a bit backward over here in South Africa. 

Should your assistance be more than cash the hungry children will certainly not object. Should you have a viable means of assistance,You can email us....

William van Vuuren


You can help us to feed these children more than just one day a week.They are so much happier when their bellies are no longer empty. They walk among each other with pride in the knowledge that they too have the right to be fed the same as the next child sitting with them on the day the feeding scheme comes to town. It is people like these galant few who poses the power to encourage the world to unite and  look after the future governing bodies who at this stage cannot think clearly because their brains are not getting enough nutrition to process a constructive thought pattern. These are our future leaders and the bodies that will make decisions for us when we are too old.

If you would like to contribute more for the growing of our ability to do much more feel free to do so below.

Thanking you for visiting our attempt at some form of a website and perhaps we will surprise you with good news from your contributions. Faith!!!

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